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Xingang - China Filter

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China is the unknown coffee giant - also because of its tea culture. But there are outstanding Chinese coffees - this lot from Xingang is an excellent example: sweet black cherry and fruity mango, as well as a hint of hazelnut are found in the cup.

About the coffee

The Xingang farm is run by Yenai and her eldest daughter Zhaomei and covers an area of 28 hectares. The processing method used is based on a natural double fermentation. The coffee cherries are fermented in bags for three days before drying and then spread out on drying tables for two days. This is followed by another fermentation phase, which lasts until the aromas of the beans have matured. Finally, the last drying phase follows, which lasts about one month. This precession can also be tasted.

What is also special about this coffee is that it is produced exclusively by women, from planting to processing to roasting. It shows the power of women in the coffee industry from China to Europe. The flavour profile has also been designed to better reflect the characteristics of modern women. The fruity aroma is charming and feminine, sweet like mango and dried fruits, reminiscent of tropical warm wind. This reflects the softness of women. On the other hand, the stronger body of this coffee also highlights the strength of modern women.


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